Our forest resources across Canada, the United States of America, Brazil ...

Canada contains over a third of the world’s boreal forest, one fifth of the world’s temperate rainforest, and a tenth of the total global forest cover. Canada has the second major repository of northern forests, after Russia. Canada’s boreal forest is one of the three largest ‘frontier forests’ remaining on the planet...


High quality lumber starts with high quality logs.


The expertise acquired over the years by Sunshiny Group is portrayed through a constant care for quality at all levels of production. At Sunshiny, we use the techniques and competence of our employees to follow a strict classification process that respects the regulations of the National Hardwood Lumber Association and other special classifications.


All logs are first weighed, and then transported to the log yard where they are unloaded and rolled out to be individually inspected and measured. We work with our partners to help them deliver logs that enhance the quality and value of our final product.


Sunshiny was founded 20 years ago with the philosophy that protecting the environment and incorporating sustainable forest practices should be a core part of our business. Our operations have always been managed under the industry’s strictest environmental standards and harvesting practices, long before it became fashionable.


Sunshiny employs a staff of highly educated and trained professional foresters. Our forestry department is constantly seeking better ways to conserve the natural resources that provide the raw materials we supply. Sunshiny’s foresters actively practice the principles of sustainable forestry by using Best Management Practices (BMP).


BMP’s are “scientific tools and methods designed to help forest landowners, foresters, and timber harvesters practice good management.” The BMP’s represent state of the art knowledge on how trees should be harvested for timber production, while enhancing wildlife, preserving aesthetics, ensuring future forest regeneration, and protecting soil and water quality wetlands and area of special concern. BMP’s are then used to practice Sustainable Forestry, which is a concept for managing renewable forestry resources. According to the American Forestry and Paper Association (AF & PA), Sustainable Forestry means managing forests to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This is done by practicing a land stewardship ethic, which integrates the growing, nurturing, and harvesting of trees for useful products with the conservation of soil, air, water quality, and wild life and fish habitats. Both Sunshiny’s forest resource staff and Sunshiny’s contracted harvesting and hauling contractors have completed the Sustainable Forestry Core Curriculum.