We have 20 years of history.


·      Sunshiny Group was established in early 1990

·      Opened our first flooring wholesale store “Sunshiny Floors” (known as today’s “Top Floorings Depot”) in early 1993

·      Currently Owned and Joint Venture over 3 Hardwood Flooring Manufacturers

·      90% of the logs come from certified loggers and certified lands

·      Logs are purchased from all North and South American regions with the highest quality hardwoods

·      Source all species, sizes and grades to meet and satisfy the needs of our Clients

·      Sunshiny Group has Privately Owned and Joint Venture over 12 log yards, sawmills and kiln dry facilities across America

·      Latest technology with 3D head rig, 3D edger, 3D trimmer, optimized ripping, 3D color grading, thus making us one of the most advanced mills in the country

·      Uniform control standards are maintained across our various facilities, ensuring consistent quality recognized and demanded by customers throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and over 30 countries worldwide